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Windermere & Bowness win Silver Gilt in the 2013 Britain in Bloom "Town" Category


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Windermere Town Council


Cumbria In Bloom


It's Your Neighbourhood | Windermere In Bloom Brochure

2012 Awards | 2011 Awards | 2010 Awards | 2009 Awards

Each year, the Windermere Town Council enters the "Cumbria In Bloom Competition" which embraces the overall picture of the Parish including businesses, private dwellings, public spaces and community amenities.  For 2011 this has been re-branded "Cumbria In Bloom Pride in Your Community."

The competition also looks at community projects which benefit and enhance the area overall whether it is maintained by the District or Town Council, a private individual or the public at large; they aim for us to keep our areas clean, tidy and attractive, thereby making for a better environment in which to live and work and enter the "Windermere In Bloom" competition.

There is also the added bonus of making the area attractive to visitors in the hope that they and their friends will return in the future.

The Windermere Town Council have decided not to enter the 2015 Cumbria in Bloom Pride in Your Community campaign.

The categories for judging are:

Section A - Horticultural Achievement.

Section B - Environmental Responsibility.

Section C - Community Participation.

A number of local schools have entered the "Schools Gardening" competition and throughout the year, have been undertaking projects that fall under one or more of the above categories.  The schools in question are:

School Award
Goodly Dale Primary


St. Mary's Church of England Nursery & Infants School


Windermere Church of England Primary/Junior School Developing.


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Windermere In Bloom Brochure


Cumbria in Bloom 2013 Brochure


Cumbria in Bloom 2012 Brochure


Cumbria In Bloom Official Website     


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RHS's It' Your Neighbourhood Entry


Orrest Drive Allotments - Developing Award in 2012



In 2012, Windermere and Bowness won the South Lakeland District Council Trophy for "Best in Borough" with a GOLD award, and were also runner-up in the GlaxcoSmithKline Trophy for "Best Town."  Other trophy winners within the parish are:

The County Chairman's Rose Bowl for Industry Runner-up Fallbarrow Caravan Park
The Rose Lodge Rose Bowl - Best Residential Home Runner-up 9 Oaks & Thornton House
Provincial Insurance Trophy - Churchyards Winner Carver ECO Church


Cumbria In Bloom Judges Comments -2012


In 2011, Windermere and Bowness, won, for the forth time in succession, the "Cumbria In Bloom" GlaxoSmithKline Trophy in the category "Best Town."  Other trophy winners within the parish are:

Rose Lodge Rose Bowl Joint Winner 9 Oaks Housing Trust
Cumbria Tourism Chairman's Trophy Winner Willowsmere
Cumbria Tourism Chairman's Trophy Runner-up Ravensworth Guest House



In 2010, Windermere and Bowness, won, for the third time in succession, the "Cumbria In Bloom" GlaxoSmithKline Trophy in the category "Best Town."  Other trophy winners within the parish are:

Cumbria Tourism Chairman's Trophy Winner Willowsmere
Continental Landscapes Trophy Winner Quarry Rigg



In 2009, Windermere and Bowness, again won the "Cumbria In Bloom" GlaxoSmithKline Trophy in the category "Best Town."  Other trophy winners within the parish are:

Cumbria Tourism Chairman's Trophy Winner Howbeck
County Chairman's Rose Bowl Trophy Runner Up Fallbarrow Park


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Windermere Town/Parish Council's

Cumbria In Bloom Award's

2013 Silver Gilt
2012 Best In Borough Trophy

Winner - Gold award

Best Town Trophy

Runner-up Gold Award

2011 Best Town Trophy


2010 Best Town Trophy


2009 Best Town Trophy


2008 Best Town Trophy


2007 Silver Award
2006 Silver Award
2005 Gold Award
2004 Silver Award
2002 Jennings Trophy
2000 Commendation
1999 Runner-Up Small Town
1998 Runner-Up Small Town
1996 Winner -

Town Category

1995 Trophy -

Town Category

1994 Award -

Town Category

1993 Winner -

Town over 10,000 population

1992 Winner -

Town over 10,000 population

1990 Merit Award
1989 Commendation Certificate
1988 Commendation Certificate
1987 Commendation Certificate



For further information on both competitions, please contact any member of the Windermere In Bloom Competition Advisory Group.

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